Monday, April 25, 2022

Remember the days of home offices and dining rooms being the first rooms you see when entering a home? Well, those days are back and we’re getting excited about the requests we’re getting from clients focused on creating the perfect home office space.

Once unused rooms such as secondary living spaces and breakfast rooms are now being transformed into custom office spaces with built-ins and high-tech solutions such as smart boards, projectors, and wet bars.

We are also seeing a rise in the building of a home office space in the backyard space of the home and creating a beautiful side entrance so visitors to the office can come in through a side gate. No matter your requirement WBI General Contractors is the builder that can help you create your inspiring space. 

Monday, April 25, 2022

EnerBank USA is a specialized home improvement lender – that means we’re experts at providing loans for home improvement projects like yours. Since it’s our specialty, we’ve developed payment options that are tailored to home improvement needs. We’ve been doing this for over two decades and have approved over a million home improvement loans.

You can get the entire project you want completed right now instead of waiting to save up the cash or completing it in stages. With an EnerBank loan, your home is not used as collateral, there’s no application fee, no closing or appraisal costs, and no prepayment penalties. Your contractor will offer you a choice of payment options, then you can use one of our fast and easy application methods to connect with our US based lending team to receive a credit decision within seconds. Approvals are valid for 120-180 days, giving you plenty of time to plan and complete your home improvement project. Talk to your WBI General Contractor representative today for more information. 

WBI General Contractors recently added a new living room and extended patio to a home in Southwest Amarillo, Texas. The project was the inspiration of the homeowner who wanted to add space to accomidate a home office, additional entertainment area for teenagers and a patio with multi-media and cooking for outdoor events. In the process of the construction we removed seven large trees from the property and updated the HVAC system to handle the new space. We want to thank the homeowner for trusting in WBI General Contractors. 

WBI was also able to provide remodel financing for this project through our parter Enerbank. 

We Build Inspiring Spaces

This homeowner needed additional space and wanted to add an upstairs bedroom in the process. WBI General Contractors worked directly with them and brought their inspiration to life. The project added significant square footage and value to the home. WBI General Contractors is a leading Remodeling and Home addition contractor located in Amarillo, Texas. Contact us today and let us help you build your inspiring space.

Building Inspiring Bathrooms

This customer dreamed of a claw foot tub and had excatly what she wanted in mind when she called WBI General Contractors. We took her inspiration and worked to bring it to reality. This bathroom remodel was inside a beautiful home that was over 60 years old. The design tied the old into the new and gave the homeowner the relaxing space she wanted.